An On-Demand Software-Defined Edge Computing Solution

Build & Manage a Distributed Edge Cloud Using Resources from Public Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Providers

An On-Demand Software-Defined Edge Computing Solution

Build & Manage a Distributed Edge Cloud Using Resources from Public Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Providers

About ONEedge

ONEedge is an innovation project launched by OpenNebula in 2019 with support from the European Commission and its highly competitive Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.

The EIC Accelerator funding has provided an opportunity to enhance OpenNebula to meet the needs of the rapidly growing edge computing market with innovative features for multi-cloud computing, offering a vendor-neutral platform for corporate users to incorporate the resources from the public cloud and edge providers.

The main result of the project is Edgify – Edge as a Service, an automated software-defined platform, built on top of the ONEedge software and fully managed by OpenNebula Systems, through which companies are able to easily build their distributed edge environments, using resources from an existing edge, telco and cloud providers.

An automated software-defined platform to build their own private, light, and nimble edge computing environments based on highly-dispersed edge nodes in close proximity to the users, machines, and sources of data.

A Unique Distributed Edge Model

Leverage upcoming ecosystem of cloud and edge providers

An Edge Provider Catalog allows companies building edge clouds to choose the right combination of geographically distributed edge locations to efficiently execute their workloads, meet their enterprise needs, and avoid vendor lock-in.

Easily combine centralized cloud resources with edge resources

A powerful resource provisioning tool allows companies to automatically allocate and configure the physical resources needed to build on-demand their distributed edge clouds.

Backward compatibility with existing VM & container appliances

Edge clusters can be built on VMs for fully virtualized clouds, system containers for containerized clouds, and microVMs for serverless deployments, enabling all types of workloads, from legacy VMs to container applications.

Is ONEedge for you?

Do you need to build on-demand a distributed edge cloud?

Do you need to execute your services with low latency and high availability ?

Do you need to grow your private cloud infrastructure with resources at the edge?

Key Industries

Video Gaming

IoT Apps

Smart Cities



Data Analytics



Innovation on the Edge

ONEedge has developed many innovative features that have been incorporated into OpenNebula 5.12, 6.0, 6.2 and 6.4, and are offered on-demand through the new Edgify service.

Centralized Management for All Workloads

Encompass k8s clusters with other virtualized workloads using a single control layer to reduce complexity, consumption and operating costs.

Kubernetes as a Service

Build a multi-tenant self-service environment for the execution of k8s clusters on a shared physical infrastructure.

FireEdge WebUI

Easily provision and manage edge clusters on public and edge clouds using this rich interface.

Edge Cloud Architecture

Run any workload, VMs, and containers, on any resource, bare-metal or virtualized, anywhere, on-premises, or on a public cloud provider.

Clusters as a Service

Deploy edge clusters as a service in just a few minutes using resources from Vultr, AWS, Equinix Metal, Google Cloud, or Digital Ocean.

AWS Firecracker

Full support for Firecracker microVMs, the amazing new virtualization technology developed by AWS for its Fargate and Lambda services.

 Use Cases & Scenarios

Video Gaming


A video gaming company needs to deploy virtual machines or containers near their users to minimize latency and create their edge cloud with ONEedge.

  • Across 17 global locations
  • In under 25 minutes deployment time
  • Minimizing latency to 10ms
  • Under $ 12/hour

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Telecom Edge Cloud


One of the largest telecom and mobile network providers in the world uses ONEedge as a core component of its edge computing CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) strategy.

  • Very light with small footprint
  • Simple yet scalable, flexible and powerful
  • Support edge applications w/ latency below 4 ms 10ms

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Internet of Things


Leverage the IoT features of “AWS IoT Greengrass” with the simple integration of ONEedge management and orchestration tools, and create a distributed Greengrass Edge Cloud.

  • Across 15 global locations
  • 23 minutes to deploy
  • Pay-per-use resource model

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OTT & Live Broadcasting


Build with ONEedge live and on-demand video workflows on a geo-distributed cloud to meet latency, bandwidth and regulation needs.

  • Avoid lock-in, using bare-metal cloud or edge provider, and on-premises resources

  • Flexibility, you define the specific software and version for each video streaming process

  • Security and privacy, you are not sharing resources with other users

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Desktop Virtualization


Deploy with ONEedge a pay-as-you-go VDI solution that is compliant with local data protection regulations and guarantees low-latency remote access to corporate applications.

  • Simplify the management of multi-location VDI environments
  • Respond easily to unexpected increases in WFH demand
  • Reduce costs associated with cloud infrastructure
  • Avoid vendor lock-in

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Kubernetes Deployment


ONEedge makes it much easier now for cloud admins to deploy, configure and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters for the orchestration of application containers.

  • Reduce latency for end-users
  • Simplify management of DevOps environments
  • Reduce costs associated with cloud infrastructure

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Provider Catalog

Expand your OpenNebula multi-cloud with infrastructure resources from public cloud and edge providers


ONEedge Resources

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ONEedgeDay 2022 🇪🇺

Open Source for the Next-Generation Edge-as-a-Service Platform

ONEedgeDay 2022 – Virtual event hosted by OpenNebula Systems to share with the open source community the new edge computing and multi-cloud features developed through the H2020 innovation project ONEedge, and to showcase some of the latest developments in the open source edge computing field.

ONEedge is funded from the SME Instrument of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, under grant agreement ONEedge: A Software-defined Edge Computing Solution – 880412.