Your Private Edge Computing Framework

ONEedge is a distributed cloud management platform to build your private edge computing environment.

Is ONEedge for you?

  • Do you need to build a distributed cloud environment?
  • Do you need to execute your services close to your users?
  • Do you need to grow your private cloud resources with resources at the edge?

Why ONEedge?

With the widely-used OpenNebula cloud management platform at its core, ONEedge brings your private cloud to the edge.


Low latency access to
your services.


Dynamic addition and removal of resources to meet real-time demands.


Automatic deployment of resources
at the edge.


Support thousands of geographically distributed edge resources.


Edge resources are deployed and added to your cloud in a few minutes.


Edge nodes leased from
third-party providers.

ONEedge and The Kinetic Edge Alliance


ONEedge (OpenNebula) has joined The Kinetic
Edge Alliance (KEA) as a Technology partner,
in the effort to drive broad adoption of
compute, storage, access and interconnection
at the edge of the cellular network,
simplifying edge computing for the masses.

ONEedge is a free, open-source solution.
Want to try?